Band & Concert Photography

One of my specialties and definitely one of my FAVORITE things to document when it comes to my photography is Live Band/Concert Photography and Photo Shoots :)

I would like to thank the boys from The Delta Routine for honoring me with many requests to photograph their live shows in and around the Milwaukee, WI area! They are not only very talented Independent Musicians and Artists, but they are also very good friends of mine :) 

One of Milwaukee's Finest Local Bands For Sure!

Here, you will see some of the many photos I have taken for them over the past 
2.5-3 years at Milwaukee/Milwaukee Area Venues .. Such As: The Up & Under on the East Side, The Historic Turner Hall Ballroom in Downtown Milwaukee, Silver Creek Brewing in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, and most recently at the Hotel Foster (located on North Avenue and Prospect, right next to Whole Foods on the East Side of Milwaukee :) 

Please, PLEASE feel free to comment/leave feedback on any of my photos... as a passionate photographer and still starving artist, feedback is a very valuable thing for me to receive from the public!!  Seeing that someone appreciates my work is like a GREAT BIG GIANT HUGE HUG/GIFT that always makes me and my heart smile :)

Stay Tuned Party People... My Presentation of The Delta Routine in all their Glory shall be posted shortly!! 

Peace Out For Now Homeslices :)
Keep On Rockin' and Rollin' and Singing and Dancing 
and of course...Loving! 

Love Leah

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